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Warp drive speed with Nginx Caching enabled

by | Feb 13, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

Here at Oxyzer we have no compromises.
We like Apache, with its fantastic .htaccess, and we like Nginx with its fantastic speed.

Which of the two should you choose?

Both! All our servers are configured to have Apache as the web server that interfaces with the developer and Nginx as the web server that interfaces with the visitor.
To obtain this Columbus egg we set Apache as the backend and Nginx as the proxy server.

Everything that the webmaster creates does so by interfacing with Apache, everything that the visitor requests is done by interfacing with Nginx which in turn asks Apache for data only once.

When you create a new site in the control panel of your Oxyzer hosting you can choose what type of Nginx proxy you want it to run.

If you choose Nginx in caching mode, welcome to the realm of speed!

All you will need is from time to time. When you need to clear your cache push the ‘purge nginx cache’ button at the top right of your Hestia control panel.

What I would like to tell you in this post is that there is also a way to do this operation without accessing the hosting panel but directly from your website.

At oxyzer we unleashed the power of API! for all our hosting packages. This means that you can access your control panel, navigate to your user settings, Click on the “Access Key” button, and create a new access key with the purge-nginx-cache permission.
Make sure to save the Secret key, as you will only see it once.

If you are a developer you can configure a new button for your website’s backend with server’s host (the same you connect with your panel), server’s port (the same of your control panel) and the secret key.

If you have a wordpress website I have a great news: the Hestia Nginx Cache By Jakob Bouchard Plugin! Install it and follow instructions (https://wordpress.org/plugins/hestia-nginx-cache/#installation).

You can also use Nginx as simple proxy without enhanced caching function if you don’t want to spend time to configure the plug in or to access from time to time to purge cache, but consider that…

more speed is more money.


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