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the team

Our Roots

Open Source Enthusiasts since 1998

We were born as a free software house with only an idea in mind: Freedom.


Oxyzer is founded by a Open Source Enthusiast team that worked with Linux systems since 1998. We worked with about all Linux distributions from that data and obviously with almost all Open Source software. We are strongly oriented to open source world and this is the main reason we refuse any commercial software, including control panels or billing managers not made by free software Communities. We believe that The Internet should be a freedom place where everyone can access with minime effort and maximum profit.

Our Company Mission

We were born not only sys admins but also as web developers. starting from this fact, we want to give all web developers an hosting platform tailored on their real needs. Before starting here, we searched the web for something similar: cheap, isolated and managed hosting. but with no results. Now there is an offer.  Oxyzer.

Our Vision

We know: to be a good developer there is no needs to be a sys admin, but out there’s always the need of hosting solutions. What’s The best hosting solution? a VPS? Yes, but unmanaged needs too much dev ops skills and managed is nearly unaffordable. We started thinking on this problem and reached the solution: A shared hosting with all caracteristics of a VPS.