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Our Features

All Hosting Plans Include


Bash ssh access on all hosting plans


Secure FTP infinite accounts


Complete GIT Version control


1 automatic daily backup


The dependency manager for PHP


The WordPress Command Line Interface


Multiple php selector per website basis with all PHP versions


Quick installation system for: WordPress,  Prestashop, Nextcloud, Drupal, Dokuwiki, Flarum, Laravel, Mediawiki


Unlimited mail accounts,  websites,  domains, databases, cron jobs


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xcpu?

the Xcpu is a unit of measurement for the division of the physical server’s CPU which is calculated on the value of the Vcpu. Shared hosting by its nature cannot parcel out the CPU as would be done on a VPS because virtualization is not activated in the kernel. So we designed a percentage-based parcellation of resources using our kernel dynamic management system. The processor resources guaranteed by Xcpu correspond to those guaranteed by Vcpu

I need ssh access, do you provide it?

we provide full ssh access with Bash for every hosting plan, even the cheapest. Our bash is not resctricted to some command, so you can use it for all your programming needs simply connect with putty or other ssh client and enjoy a full ssh experience

How many domains can i create in my account?
Infinite. you can create infinite domains and subdomains in every hosting plan. Obviously you must own your domains and point them on our nameservers
How many PHP versions Oxyzer supports?
All PHP versions: from 5.6 to 8.2. in your control panel you can choose between all php versions for every web domain you create with 1 click
What is free SSL?
We provide with automatic Let’sEncrypt cert request and renewal for all hosting plan.
Which scripts are compatible with your server?
all PHP or HTML scripts. we provide also 1 click installation for the following scripts: WordPress, Prestashop, Nextcloud, Drupal, Dokuwiki, Flarum, Laravel, Mediawiki
Do you perform the backup operation?
1 daily automated backup of all your account’s websites and mails on our storage servers for disaster recovery. All process is automatized and out of human intervention, the backup’s restore can be made on demand in case of disaster. This feature is free of charge for all Oxyzer hosting plans
Do you use LiteSpeed?

Absolutely not. we use Apache and Nginx togheter. Apache as backend server and Nginx as proxy caching server. With this configuration we can benefit of both server’s advantages. Apache’s flexibility and Nginx speed.

How many mail accounts can i create on my Oxyzer hosting plan?
Infinite. You can create infinite mail accounts for each domain you create in your Oxyzer hosting account. For every hosting plan, even the cheapest. The only limit to your email capacity is account’s disk space.
How many databases can i create in my hosting account?
you can create infinite databases, there are no limitations in size or quantity. Obviously a limit exists: the disk space assigned to your hosting plan, so if for example your plan has 10 GB of ssd disk space, you can create as many databases can fit that space.
I want to transfer my website to you. Do you do this?
no. actually we do not provide website transfert services. you have all instruments to do this by yourself: phpmyadmin, ftp, ssh.
I want to resell hosting to my customers, can I?
No problem. with your account you can buy as many hosting plans as you want, then resell to your customers at your prices. For each hosting account you buy you’ll have a separate control panel account, separate resources, separate ssh and ftp, separate email and dns control. On our side, all hosting plans you buy will belong to you, so you are responsible to action made by them (example: spamming), so beware to survey your customers if you give them access to control panel.
Do you sell domains?
Actually not. Domain is not our business and we are not interested in this trade, we are focused to hosting and to make it well. you should buy your domain directly to a domain mantainer such as Namecheap or others,
Why you not offer Cpanel or Plesk?
Simply because them are commercial panels and license’s costs should be reflected on hosting price. We have choiced to not have compromises with quality, and offer our services at a reasonable price. We offer Hestiacp as control panel for your hosting spaces, we have modified and customized it to fit our needs and to give you a great control panel experience.

Shared Hosting Like a VPS

Guaranteed RAM and CPU

With our exclusive resource assignment system all hosting accounts have reserved CPU and RAM quota.

Instant Scalability

Scale instantly from lower to higher hosting plan directly from your backoffice in Oxymanager