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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Seriously Choose Oxyzer

by | Feb 13, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

There are infinite hosting companies out there but we think you should consider Oxyzer’s Hosting proposal for 5 simply reasons we think you can’t find in any other hosting proposal (not all together).

1 it Is infinite in everything: it offers you infinite email accounts, infinite databases, infinite domains and subdomains, on all hosting plans, even the cheapest one. This means that your only limit is the web space provided in your hosting plan, more space, more gigabytes available for your infinite ideas.

2 It is developer friendly. It provides all versions of PHP on every hosting plan, fast installation for the most relevant web applications (WordPress, Prestashop, Nextcloud, Drupal, Dokuwiki, Flarum, Laravel, Mediawiki), SSH access on Bash with the ability to use GIT, Composer, WP-CLI from the control panel, apache as a server back-end.

3 It’s safe. our servers are constantly monitored by us, protected against ddos and brute force attacks, regularly saved on our backup servers. Each account is isolated from the other and our resource allocation system acts at the kernel level, so you will always be sure that your websites, in the worst case scenario, will run with the CPU and RAM resources guaranteed by your plan hosting.

4 it is scalable. All Oxyzer plans can scale both up and down depending on the resources you need.

5 Is price predictable. Oxyzer does not make offers and does not make surprises. what you see is what you pay. first year, second third, forever.

6 Last but not rest: is Open Source Fanatic 🙂


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