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Reseller hosting: Do I really need an automation script?

by | Feb 13, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

When we talk about reseller hosting, we think of automation platforms like whmcs, but is it really necessary to be able to resell hosting produced by others?

In reality, it depends on who you are.

if your business consists of buying and selling hosting and domains then certainly an automation platform that allows your customers to interact directly is extremely useful and advisable, but if instead you are an agency that creates websites, creates advertising or SEO campaigns you can easily save yourself the costs of renting automation platforms.

All you need is a wordpress site with woocommerce to sell ‘your hosting’ to your customers.

This is because in these cases it is almost never the end customer who interacts with the hosting platform but it is always the webmaster, the agency, the professional.

In this case you could certainly, for example, create woocommerce products corresponding to Oxyzer’s (or other companies) hosting plans, set your own prices and offer them to your customers, purchase on sale and manage your customer directly as a reseller.


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