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Oxyzer Hosting VS Managed VPS

by | Feb 13, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

Oxyzer hosting is shared hosting but with resources guaranteed at the kernel level. This differentiates it enormously from other shared hosting and brings it very close to vps.

The main characteristic of a VPS lies in the complete isolation of the system from other systems present on the same machine.

This isolation allows the rigid division of resources (disk, CPU, RAM) therefore a VPS with for example 2vcpu will always have the power of 2vcpu. This type of hard isolation is provided at the Linux kernel level at boot, so any resource changes will require a reboot.

We at oxyzer have managed to obtain dynamic resource isolation, again at kernel level, but with a residual limitation system. this means that by purchasing a hosting plan with 2Xcpu you will be guaranteed 2vcpu in case of maximum load of the host system, in case of lower load you will have more than 2 vcpu available.

This is why we called our unit of measurement of computing power not Vcpu but Xcpu.

Certainly the VPS is a complete system, a root that allows you to manage the system in depth, but it also requires advanced system skills, especially if you want to host sites belonging to third parties, such as your own customers. What if you don’t have these skills?

no problem, there are managed vps where you don’t have root but you have a vps with a control panel that allows you to do everything. The problem is that a managed vps has a systems engineer behind it and this must be paid. And the price is off the charts.

Oxyzer is shared hosting, the machine is not partitioned and the resources are reserved dynamically, the final result is very similar to managed vps, but with a great advantage: the system administrator is there but it is shared. and this contains the prices.


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