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Manage API access keys How To

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Hosting Control Panel, How To | 0 comments

Access keys are used to autenticate instead of using the username and password by api’s. The most common use is with external scripts (such as wp plugins) to purge Nginx cache.

Access to the Oxyzer control panel (Hestia) and click the Access Keys button to view access keys.

create access key

Click the Add Access key button, then select the permission sets you want to enable (example purge Nginx cache) and click the Save button in the top right. Copy the access key and the secret key and make sure to save the secret key somewhere as it cannot be viewed once the page is closed. now you can use your created access key.

Delete access key

Mouse over the access key you want to delete then click the delete icon on the right of the access key


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