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How to install WordPress with 1 click

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In your Hestia control panel provided by Oxyzer you have several apps that are installable easily with 1 click.

First create your web domain

After created the new web domain, you can select several parameters (PHP version, Nginx caching, SSL Let’sencrypt certificate).

Remain In the editing web domain page

You can see a button: Quick install app. Clicking on it you can see all quickly installable apps. at the end of the list you can see WordPress. clicking on it you can access to the WordPress configuring mask. Insert site name, WordPress account username (example: admin) , WordPress account email (example admin@mysite.com) and WordPress account password (password for your username, in the example, admin).

Note for install directory field

you can fill this field with a /subfolder and worpress will install inside it, if you leave blank, wordpress will be installed in the root dir of your web domain

Note for database

you can insert your DB name, password and user, or you can leave these fields blank, in this case them will be created automatically. Passwords for databases are not stored in control panel so if you need to manage the database by phpmyadmin you need to know password, we always suggest to create your data and not to use the automatic procedure.

The last operation

is to click the ‘save’ button on top right corner, your latest wordpress version is ready.

After this procedure you can access your wordpress at www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin page with your just created credentials (account username and password).


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