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How can I use Oxyzer to provide hosting to my customers?

by | Feb 13, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

Oxyzer is designed for those who work with the web. Assuming that you are a webmaster, a freelancer, a web designer, you should know that on the Oxyzer.com website anyone can rent one or more hosting plans with his own single account, to each hosting plan is assigned a control panel on the destination server (us1.oxyserver.it, us2. oxyserver.it etc.).

This means that for the John Doe customer you can take an Oxy1 plan for example, and in the John Doe panel you can create infinite sites, databases, emails etc.

If you get now a web designing job from Bill Smith you will be able to rent another oxy1 hosting plan for him which will be assigned on our servers in a new panel, totally separate and independent from John Doe’s one. Even for Bill Smith you can create infinite websites, domains, databases etc.

Each hosting plan can be freely scaled to higher or lower plans in total independence. If you have 10 different clients you can provide them with independent hosting from your single Oxyzer.com account.

Cool right?


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