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Choosing the Oxyzer hosting plan for an e-commerce site: practical advice

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Hosting is a key factor in the success of an ecommerce site. Choosing a plan with the right amount of vCPU and RAM can significantly impact the performance, security, and scalability of your online store.

Page loading, speed and response to database calls are decisive factors for SEO and for the customer’s purchasing decisions themselves.

In short, when it comes to e-commerce, it is not advisable to skimp on performance, especially if you have serious intentions of doing business.

Oxyzer offers a good variety of hosting plans with guaranteed resources that can be immediately scalable according to your needs.

Let’s first clarify what we need from a hosting service: Disk, Bandwidth, CPU and RAM. Leaving aside in this discussion the disk and the bandwidth which are 2 intuitive parameters and immediately quantifiable by anyone, let’s focus on the other 2 fundamental parameters: the CPU and the RAM.

The first is for the response speed, the second for the quantity of responses. It is clear that these 2 parameters must be considered together to guarantee a fast site: the more visits arrive, the more orders arrive and the more requests to the database there will be. a little CPU will execute the requests with an increasing slowness due to their number, a little RAM will make fewer and fewer requests available to the CPU due to their increase.

Let’s now imagine 3 scenarios:

1 start of the ecommerce project

In this scenario we are talking about design, implementation and first attempts to launch the e-commerce site, so we are talking about a calm situation without major hits to the database. few visitors, few requests. Now, in this situation, let’s examine 4 of the most popular e-commerce platforms that we have tested in similar conditions:

Woocommerce: We can guarantee speed and efficiency of response with 1 Xcpu and 2 GB of RAM, the best plan is Oxy3. In reality, even Oxy2 could be fine with just 1 GB of RAM in a very initial phase, but then you would risk quickly saturating the RAM if your marketing attempts have the good results that everyone hopes for.

Prestashop: the situation is identical to Woocommerce, it has almost the same response times, so the best choice remains Oxy3 to start with, with a feasibility reserve on Oxy2.

Virtuemart (Joomla): the performances of this system are also comparable to those of Woocommerce and prestashop so the matter does not change: 1 Xcpu and 2 GB RAM to start safely.

Opencart: This platform is lighter than the others and can guarantee the same performances with less RAM, so it could start safely with 1 Xcpu and 1 GB ram. Oxy 2 is the best choice, some daredevils could also start it with Oxy1 which has 512MB of RAM, but they must be ready on the Oxymanager trigger to scale up to higher hosting plans in the event of a success of the advertising campaigns.

2: Aggressive advertising campaigns, spike in visitors and orders.

In this scenario we find ourselves in the most delicate and dangerous situation, because depending on the intensity of the advertising campaign we will need adequate resources.

If you plan to bring up to 5000 unique visitors to the site per day, these are our recommendations:
Woocommerce, Prestashop and virtuemart: 2 Xcpu and 4 GB ram (Oxy6).
Opencart: 2 Xcpu and 2 GB ram (Oxy4).

If your advertising campaign is more powerful and you expect peaks of up to 15,000 unique visitors per day, our recommended hosting plan is the following:
Woocommerce, Prestashop and Virtuemart: 4 Xcpu and 8 GB ram (Oxy7)
Opencart: 2 Xcpu and 4 GB ram (Oxy6)

If you find yourself in the situation of having to deal with peaks of 30,000 unique visitors per day we advise you:
Woocommerce, Prestashop and Virtuemart: 6 Xcpu and 12 GB ram (Oxy8)
Opencart: 4 Xcpu and 8 GB ram (Oxy7).

In the situation of having to face strong advertising campaigns that bring you peaks of 50/60,000 unique visitors per day, our hosting response will certainly be
Woocommerce, Prestashop and Virtuemart: 10 Xcpu and 16 GB Ram (Oxy9)
Opencart: 6 Xcpu and 12 GB ram (Oxy8).

With Opencart and the Oxy9 hosting plan you could easily manage up to 100,000 unique visitors per day, while with the other platforms a dedicated server is required. Contact us for information.

3 Stabilization of visits and orders, end of aggressive advertising campaigns.

In this scenario we have clearer ideas and can scale downwards by choosing the hosting plan that best corresponds to the ordinary workload of our ecommerce site.

We will regularly update and deepen this article because we believe that the success of any advertising campaign on an e-commerce site must necessarily be accompanied in a precise manner by an evaluation of host resources


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